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“Masterpiece” by Jessica Domingo |Music Monday Classic

My first time listening to Jessica Domingo and it definitely won’t be the last! Jessica’s new EP “Masterpiece” is a good listen with a chill flow that makes you want to get up and dance (and that says a lot considering my only dance moves is the robot). Check out Jessica’s elegant vocals on soundcloud by clicking the cover or check out the music vid below of her new EP masterpiece, “Masterpiece”. (Pun intended) 


Jessica Moragan Bio

“The best thing about making music is creating your own unique take on it.”

Jessica grew up listening to different kinds of music. From exploring her mom’s old collection of albums, to listening to her dad’s favorite radio stations and being inspired by a variety of genres, she started to discover her own taste in music. All this has helped Jessica develop as an artist and performer. That commitment, along with her prodigious talent, have attracted fans from around the world, as well as yielded two CD releases (2010’s Take A Chance EP, and the new full-length, Just Vibe) and a series of widely seen YouTube performances —including a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” which has garnered more than two million views.

Jessica began piano lessons at age 5 and took up (Read More)


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