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Halo Spartan Assault (Review) |Late night Gamin’

Todays game up for review is the top down shooter “Halo Spartan Assault”. Currently out on Steam, iTunes and the Xbox. Now if you’re a big halo fan like myself then you know that getting your fix on anything Halo related before the next Halo pops out in a few weeks is a must.

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Being a departure from the traditional first person Halo games, “Spartan Assault” has you playing in a top down style that actually works. Right from the start when loading up the game you’ll feel at home, with the graphics, designs and music sounding like any other Halo game you’ve played.

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On the actual gameplay side itself, the controls feel pretty much the same as the first person shooter controls on most of the Halo games (if your using an Xbox controller) with everything looking crisp to match. Each of the missions are little fun adventures that have you doing a number of different tasks, on many different locations which makes the game fun to pick up and play when bored, as well as being fun to play while doing multiple missions in one sitting.

The sound design in the game are top notch, with the Halo themed nostalgic feel being played everywhere as well as the actual sound effects in game, such as the assault rifle and other weapons sounds in addition to the nice popping sound of one head-shoting a grunt with your trusty pistol.

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The graphics in the game are surprisingly well, and feels reminiscent of the Halo RTS game “Halo Wars”, which is refreshing. There’s a lot of different missions, full cutscenes as well as many different weapons and upgrades that you can either pick before each level or pick up while in game.

A solid fun side game to the Halo series, “Spartan Assault” will definitely feel your Halo appetite until October 27th. After calculating the scores, the smaller halo game packs a punch! “Halo Spartan Assault” gets a 5 out of 5! And a indigo Star (recommended game).


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