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Anak by Ooberfuse |Music Mondays Classic

“London electropop band Ooberfuse have teamed up with Filipino legend Freddie Aguilar to reinvent his timeless song Anak, the ballad that stormed the world in the 1970s and sold 30 million copies”

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What can I say, a great take on an old classic. The song “Anak”, being rejuvenated by London band Ooberfuse definitely does it right in the collab department. Punky feel that’ll keep your head rocking, as well as beautiful scenery and people in the music video that is sure to keep you engaged and mesmerized from start to finish. If you’re looking for a new feel on a classic, then this is for you!


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Listen/Share/Post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1euBaIiitxc&feature=youtu.be

Straight out of the blocks once again are London-based electro-pop band Ooberfuse who today follow up their notable previous release “Different Drum” with a modern day twist of a classic Far East track “Anak”, originally by Freddie Aguilar.

The Woolwich based band team up with the Filipino legend and inject fresh dance sounds into this Far Eastern classic, a track which has sold over 30million copies worldwide since its original release back in the 1970s.

The Fish Lipz Records act provide yet another reminder that summer can last forever thanks to their formidable soundscape!

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