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SpeedRunner HD |Indie Game Review

Hey Guys, its special guest Donkey! And today’s game up for review is the fast paced side-scroller “SpeedRunner HD” from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Now if you’re a fan of superheroes like the flash & quicksilver, or if you’ve played games like “N” or “N+”, then “SpeedRunner HD” will definitely be your cup of tea.

The game has you in control of a super-fast hero disabling bombs across campus before the time goes out. You have to navigate across blockades and obstacles in your way, as you try to get to the bombs to disable them. Thankfully, the game has solid controls and you’ll quickly be sliding, using power-up & grappling onto rooftops throughout the campus in no time.

Another cool thing about the layout of the game is that each of the levels follows the time of the day, & as you progress the levels get darker & redder, which was a nice touch.

The sound in the game is solid, with a theme that will probably resonate in your head long after playing.

There’s a ton of replay value in the game, from trying to beat your high-score and to get all of the gold medals, to trying to outrace your friends in multiplayer.

Overall, probably the most beautiful indie game I played in regards to color elements & style.

SpeedRunner HD gets a solid 5 out of 5.



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