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“I Want My Money Back” by Will Moffett |Thursday Night Jammin’

After listening to the latest single from Will Moffett ,”I want my money back”, I got to say I really want to get my money back even though I don’t know who has it hahaa. The single is is a very intimate pop rock song primarily focused on Will and his guitar. Played like a song live, “I want my money back” has a rawness to it that a lot of songs don’t have, feeling like a pure song with all emotion and no extra or synthetic effects, which is a breath of fresh air. If you loaned anyone some money and want it back or if you like your rock songs with an edge, you should definitely give a listen to this song, check it out below! 

Artist Bio:

Will Moffett is an emerging singer and songwriter from Chicago whose creative writing style has helped him cultivate a following. His latest singles such as “Being Ignored” and “I Want My Money Back” have introduced Will’s unique world of crafting indie music based on his genuine feelings and authenticity.



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