Drama / retake

The 56 year old boy | short Film (retake)

A wonderful and powerful short, reminiscent of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, “The 56 year old boy” is a definite much watch!

56 year old 2

The plot involves a young girl looking for someone to interview for a project, where the 56 year old boy comes into play. There’s conflict however, because who really believes a 56 year old man can stop aging at 16…Must be crazy right?

56 year old 3

From the offset you’ll notice the awesome cinematography that’s arguably better than the full feature Hollywood productions. The soundtrack was excellent, and the acting and little clever hints for different plot points (you have to look “real” close) really made the film an engaging and fun to watch. Overall, a great film from an up-incoming young director that Hollywood/Bollywood and Nollywood should keep their eyes on.

56 year old 4


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