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Snowfall |Indie Game Review

Sooooo, you probably saw the thumbnail and thought this game was going to be about two lesbians. kissing, and hugging and just hanging out to keep warm while the snow falls? Well… this game is the exact opposite of that.

snowfall 1

You play as a girl named Jessica, tasked with collecting grapes, yes “grapes”, not strawberries, not ice cream, not coffee but “grapes”. While you try to avoid the clothes falling above you. Now this would make sense if you know, it was hot outside, but it’s freaking snowing why are you avoiding the clothes and collecting random food like grapes?

snowfall 2

Anyways, if you can get past the plot of the game things get even worst. You basically just move your character right and left on the screen and occasionally jump to avoid clothes while grabbing your grapes.The landscapes are pretty bland and the sound effects don’t really match up.

snowfall 3

Overall, a game that everyone should avoid unless your drunk, and even then your probably better off with playing super smash brothers with some drunk friends.

Snowfall gets a 0 out of 5.




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