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The Flying Man |Old School Review

“The Flying Man”, a very different and realistic take on how an actual ‘Superhero’ may be if they crash landed on Earth.

This short film is about a new vigilante, making waves across the country. Being able to fly got him noticed but after killing many people (though not innocent) America doesn’t know what to do. The ‘protagonist’ in this later is with a friend about to do something illegal, and he’s nervous about this new “Flying Man” as well as getting caught by any enforcement or a deal gone south. During the trade things get complicated and well the ‘Flying Man’ has a bone or two to poke with them. The ending is quite satisfying as well, and makes you think about the reprecussions for ones actions.

‘The Flying Man’ was a very good piece that I’m pretty sure that everyone would atleast like somewhat. Good acting, Great CGI and excellent score, this short film is a definite for us thinkers.




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