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Bring It Back by Sam Brown ft 600 Lee|Music Mondays

“Bring it back”, by Sam Brown feat. 600 Lee, mixes in the old school and new school in a surprisingly fresh way. Both of the artists on the track play to their strengths filling in the verses and choruses with some head bopping rhythm and flow that doesn’t get tired with multiple listens, and yes i’ve listened to this song at least 5 times before even thinking about a review for it and was entranced each time. The instrumentals are also very crisp and tranquil like that pulls you through the song in a very mesmerizing type of way. Good for bumpin’ on the radio while cruising on the highway or with headphones on chilling in bed, check out this old school/new school mix for for free, below!

Datpiff Mixtape -SleepWalkin for full mixtape download @http://www.datpiff.com/Sam-Brown-Sleepwalkin-mixtape.687562.html



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