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Press X Not To Die |Indie Game Review

Today’s game up for review is the interactive indie movie game, “Press X to not die” currently fresh out on the xbox live indie game marketplace.

So, i’ve played a lot of indie games from starting out this channel but I got to say i’ve never played anything like this one. If you were a fan of choose your own adventure books growing up then this game is definitely something that you will probably love.

press x 0

You wake up to find your neighborhood is in pure chaos with random zombie like people just going crazy attacking one another. But unlike many of the poor victims, you know a secret, “ Press X to not die”.  The concept is pretty simple, yet once you actually start playing, pressing the right button at the right time can be a bit of a challenge which makes the game funner with adding a layer of suspense.

press x 1

The music and sound effects in the game are pretty good and keeps you invested, as well as the whole plot of trying to find out what’s really going on and why is everyone attacking each other.  The replay value in the game is also excellent since you can choose your own dialogue choices as well as difficulty settings, so each play through can feel unique. Add that in with the point system that you can then compare and rank up against your friends or people online and you have a lot of meat added in on this cool unique indie game.

press x 3

Overall, an excellent fun game that I would recommend anyone to play. Heck, thinking about it this game would be a good drinking game haha. After calculating the scores, Press X Not To Die gets a 5 out of 5 and a indigo star, so you guys should definitely check this game out.




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