Drama / short / Thriller

Vacuity |Old School Review

Ever been stuck on a space station and your computer didn’t work?

Vacuity is a short film about a mission gone wrong, Alan (the protagonist) is trapped in a dying space station in an escape pod with only minutes to spare before his escape pod is decompressed resulting in death. He quickly reassess the situation, no thanks to his very “dumb”, yet accurate portrayal of a computer. He finds out that the only choice is to either sacrifice himself or sacrifice his crew in order to survive. After inner tribulations and talks with the engineers over the space station, he ultimately decides on the best course for his crew as well as his family.

A very superb short film, that shows that sacrifices for the greater good may not always be white or black like many people may think. Excellent acting (okay voice acting for the call to the spouse, atleast) as well as superb soundtrack, Vacuity is definitely a sci-fi drama that you should check out if dramas your thing.




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