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Deadliest Warrior Battlegrounds |Game Review



Hey Guys!  Today’s game up for review is the fierce battle royale game, “Deadliest Warrior Battlegrounds”.

dw 4

Now if you’ve played the previous game in the series, “Deadliest Warrior: The Game”, then you’re going to be in for a surprise in this one, considering that now you can actually be a part of an army and fight in a large battlefield, compared to just fighting in “one on one” matches against a friend or a bot. This is great, because there’s many more things to do to make you feel as if you’re an actual Spartan, Pirate, Samurai etc, fighting for your honor or creed with a like minded army behind you.

dw 1

Now to the good stuff. Fighting in this game is pretty fun, no matter what soldier you pick. And it’s even more gratifying when you add in the special weapons & tools that each soldier has and the signature morale shouts that you can say with a just a click of a button. Add that in with the different modes, like team battle, capture the flag, etc and you have a pretty good plethora of things to enjoy in the game.

dw 2

Finding matches online is pretty easy, and even with my sucky connection never had a problem finding a match nor staying in one. Also worth noting, the developers did a good job in always keeping the battles balance by implementing a dynamic setting that replaces team members who quit with AI bots, so you never have to worry about fighting alone if your teammates suck.

On the negative side, even though the combat feels fun and easy to pick up there’s not much depth. In most close quarter battles it’ll be a race to see who can click the attack button the fastest.

dw 3

Overall, an enjoyable game and something that if given enough time can easily be made into a powerhouse in the sword combat field.  After calculating the scores, “Deadliest Warrior Battleground” gets a 5 out of 5. And a indigo star, so make sure to keep this game on your radar!


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