Sci-fi / Short film

Secret in the Sand (trilogy) |Short Film

“All 3 films now merged into one epic story for your enjoyment with new colour correction to give an even more dark feel.”

An epic “saga” in the Star Wars story line, this fan film chooses to focus on the Stormtrooper story instead of the typical Jedi/Sith one; however if you do like your lightsaber battles you may be in for a surprise;) The fan film starts with an Imperial soldier crashing down to an unknown planet, having Storm Troopers to have to come in to save the day by rescuing him. This wouldn’t be a film if it was just that easy, and with that the Troopers have the face against the idegenious population on the planet, who happen to be pretty good shooters, in order to get back their captive friend.

secret in the sand cover 2

For all of the Star Wars watchers from the original trilogy don’t worry, these Storm Troopers can actually hit their target, yayy!

The CGI in this is okay, sometimes it looks really good yet at others not so much. However, if you can get passed that, the short does a good job in keeping you engaged. If you’re a fan of Star Wars fan films, defininetly give this  a look on your free time.

secret in the sand cover 3




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