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Exordium |Saturday Morning Animated

                A beautiful piece, and arguably the best film in Machinimas Interactive Film Festival, Exordium excels in both classic art style as well as plot.

It’s hard for me to even start on the plot of this, because I don’t won’t want to spoil anything in this short piece but it starts out with a whole army marching to a base where upon everyone is slaughtered except 3 by one this mysterious being in gold plated armor. They as for the being to surrender but of course that wouldn’t happen, the film would be too quick, and a battle ensues and bloodshed but this is where it just begins.

Skipping spoilers (even though I want to desperately tell you what ensued and who became the victor(s)), the battle is over and after seeing what was behind the gates in this Castle you start to see the very frailty of human existence and how having infinite power robs humanity of its purpose.

Great art style, Chilling music, and a deep moral to the story, definitely deserves a 5 out of 5

5 out 5! Perfection!


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