Drama / Netflix

Better Mus’ Come |Netflix Saturday [Retake]

  A pleasant surprise! Scarface in Jamaica? A gritty drama in the caribbean, Better Mus’ Come is a very solid piece. Taking place in the late 70’s, this indie film shows a time based on real events about the political scandals going amock during the time, with hired guns sent from one politician to attack the others rallies and voting booths.

The story is about a young gang leader in Kingston, who is actually the hired guns for politicians to cause havoc at rival politicians rallies. He has a set of friends who are also part of the gang who helps him out but also get into trouble on their own which causes bigger problems down the line. Hustling and robbing to survive, the film depicts the struggles and reality of a lot of people living in poverty and how the lure of quick cash can turn desperate people into bad ones. Overall the movie was great to see, being able to see a new culture (albeit a 40-50 year older version of it) and the struggles that come along with being with a gang as well as being the crosshairs of one. The ending was pretty well too, with the government coming along to stop the gangsters, though I won’t say anything else about that , in hopes of not spoiling it for ya.

Great film, love the atmosphere and sounds as well as story showing the hardships and only means of survival of so many in poverty-stricken environments; and hey who doesn’t like Jamaica right!? Was pleastently surprised with the film and you may be too, and also may catch how to speak a couple words in a different accent.



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