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Doritos Crash Course |Game Review

Todays game up for review is the ninja warrior inspired platformer, “Doritos Crash Course”!Currently out on the Xbox live marketplace.

Now, if you’re fan of crazy, fast paced platformers then this is the game for you!Set up a like a gameshow, you take your avatar throughout different obstacle courses either in America, Europe or Asian landscapes, trying to avoid as many plunders as possible while going as fast you can to get the best time.

On the gameplay side, the controls are easy to use and don’t feel choppy.The level designs are also well done with enough freshness in each level that will keep you playing with your friends or alone without worrying about being bored. The music and sound effects in the game are also well done, and add that in with the bright engaging colors from the obstacle course, makes the game quite visually pleasing to play as well.

Overall, a fun free game that everyone should check out. There’s a good amount of levels however you do have to pay if you want to play some of the other fun locations.

Doritos Crash Course gets a 3.5 out of 5 and a indigo star! 


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