foreign / retake / Short film

Elefante |Short Film

 “Manuel is stuck in a monotonous job, has only one friend that he cannot stand, and his family despises him. Everything will change when the doctor diagnoses him with a rare disease…”

A surprisingly sad film, which I thought would be a comedy, Elefante shows what happens to you in the cold world where you stick out. Manuel has a horrible life, with a wife that doesn’t care, no true friends and a sucky job and on top of that gets diagnosed with a rare disease. But even with all of that, his small son is his only beacon of hope in humanity and life.

elefante cover 3

            On the positive side, great  musical score that pull at your heart strings, as well as pretty good practical vfx, that actually resembled what I think a humanoid elephant (“elefante”) would look like as well as leaving enough in the eye makeup department to draw in the emotions. The acting was so-so however, with the kid and “best friend” parts probably being the lesser of quality. Overall, a pretty cool foreign short to check out!


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