Short film / YouTube

A7-058 | Short Film

“On a mission to save humanity, a young woman awakens prematurely from cryogenic sleep only to find herself alone after nearly 100 years.”

Awesome title, and an awesome beginning, “A7-058” sadly falls short once the seconds start rolling. As you can see from the synopsis above, a young woman awakes prematurely from cryogenic sleep to find herself alone in the future. She is scared, and voice over narration ahead gives insight on the troubles that humanity has faced almost bringing ourselves to an end. And then it ends…yeah its just that quick. The acting was good, the scenery and CGI was top notch and felt very “sci-fi-ey”, yet that was all. The concept felt very played on, and not very original and some parts seems to not make sense in the plot, such as some of the events she knew about while in cyro sleep and the ending scene when her destination was her room? I thought they were fleeing Earth to escape another planet or something. Overall, great looking piece that sadly is only great aesthetically. 2 out of 5, needs work.

A7-058 cover 2



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