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She’s a changeling| The Inconsistent Jukebox (Music Mondays)

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Another unique take on the music video genre, ‘She’s a Changeling’ by “Inconsistent Jukebox” is a song that is enjoyable both auditorily and visually. On the sound side, ‘She’s a Changeling’ has a good mix of instrumentals overlaid with very soothing and calm vocals that makes the song great to listen too while relaxing around the house.

On the video side, the music video shows a compilation of very unique pieces of artwork by the artist Eric Lacombe which gives the song a “soul” or more of a meaning so to speak. Overall, an enjoyable song and music video that that is distinct enough to warrant a view from any lover of alternative music. Check out the song below!


Alternative rock guitarist/writer/producer from the UK. Collaborates globally. Here producing and writing with French Darkwave artist New Mown Hay and the extraordinary Luciole Langevine. Incredible artwork by artist Eric Lacombe.
Worked with Chrissie Hynde and The Ramones – has some high profile fans (David Lynch being one).
Also creates music for soundtracks and games.



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