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Bird Assassin |indie Game Review


Howdy cowboys and cow gals, today’s game up for review is the rootin’ tootin’ side scroller “Bird Assassin”. Now let’s get to the review, yee-haw!

Shooting at birds have never been more pleasant than this right here game. You play as a hillbilly whose task is to avenge his friend who got murdered by birds. His final words being that you avenge his death. So you take off with your Pa’s rifle on the quest to stop them there birds.

On the gameplay side, there’s a ton of rootin’ tootin’ thangs to do, such as shootin’ birds, ridin’ around in your truck or buyin’ upgrades at the store. I reckon’ the game is very easy to play, for both casual and adept players. The enemies you face in the game vary in difficulty, from kamikaze birds and chickens, to turkeys gunnin’ for ya.

Oh darn duddly doo dee, I think I done darn leaked in my there pants. Any who, the music and dialogue in the game is top notch as well, soundin’ just like me own kin while foolin’ around at grandmas.

After calculating the scores, the indie game “Bird Assassin” gets a 4.6 out of 5!



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