short / Thriller

Far Cry

“Taking place days before Far Cry 3, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is captured by Vaas and his gang of pirates where he becomes the subject of Vaas’s torture show.”


far cry expierence cover 4

What can I say, ‘Far Cry Expierence’ was an excellent short that actually makes me want to check out the game (yes, I haven’t played far cry 3 yet…I know, i’m a loser:P ). The movie stars Christopher Mintz (aka McLovin) and a ‘newcomer’ Michael Mando, who actually plays the character ‘Vaas’ in game. Michael Mando’s performance is by far excellent! If you like the Dark Knights portrayal of Joker than you’ll definitely enjoy this performance. From start to finish, Mando makes you hate his character, his sheer lack of respect for the human body and the way he tortures people yet at the same time you kind of sort like him. He’s very charismatic at times and seems to actually be a cool person to around until he pulls out an RPG and shoots you.

far cry expierence cover 2

Now on to the movie itself, it’s broken up in 4 episodes where Christopher lands on a remote island with his friend Barry (played by Jonathan Sanders) that takes a tragic turn. Vaas is on the island and after killing all of Christopher’s friends on the boat, goes on a hunt to kill him. The environment/scenery is great, the plot is awesome and ties into the prologue of the game beautifully and the acting…well Michael Mando could win an academy award for this piece. If you like more mature shorts, then why are reading this, click and watch the vid below!

far cry expierence review



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