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Beat Primal- Other Lives (Dion Paz) |Music Mondays

A very unique approach in the music video genre, the filmmaker Dion Paz does a great job in telling the story ‘Arok’ throughout the song “Beat Primal” by the ‘Other Lives’. Most music videos nowadays (heck, most videos in general) have constant cuts ranging from 1-5 seconds to keep the audience engaged, but Dion Paz does away with that in this music video bridging all of the story into a unique passage of panels, that convey a video version of a mosaic.

I’m a big fan of unique approaches to music videos and after seeing this one, I could see a lot of approaches of where this could fit in with older songs already out. The music itself is also good to listen too, and seems to fit well with a lot of different genres and visuals.  If you haven’t done so already, check out this very creative music video by clicking the pic below!


beat primal

Music Video Bio:

Passions, the primitive drives in human beings that locked us in conflict through anger, lust and jealously, are portrayed in this music video through the character Arok. Along with the music “Beat Primal” by the band Other Lives we travel with Arok through a mosaic which represents his indecisiveness or lack of intent to change towards those primeval feelings that still control his modern life.



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