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Una Noche |Netflix Saturday Classic

Una Noche, a fantastic film based on a true story set in Cuba that shows that the struggle may be too hard to overcome solely based upon the family you were born too.

This indie film is about a teenage girl (Lila), her brother (Elio) and friend (Raul) growing up in poverty in Cuba, each going through their own unique hardships.  Lila starts noticing differences in her brother when he starts working at a kitchen, and from there her life and their life slowly start to spiral. Raul dreams of going to Miami and living the American dream because his life in Havana is anything but.

Raul convinces Elio to help out on this escape but he is torn between helping his new friend and leaving his twin sister and family. But after Raul gets accused of an assault later on his only option is to flee or rot in prison and everyone has to make a rash choice then. Ultimately, they all share one blissful moment before the climatic end, which is sure to keep all audiences on their toes

Una Noche was a surprisingly fantastic indie film, which made me look different on my outlook in America and how good we have it here compared to most of the world. Fantastic acting (especially for first timers), riveting plot, and overall good sound.

                5 out of 5, Must Watch!


Movie: Una Noche

Length: 90 min

Genre: Thriller/ Drama/ Foreign/Dark

Where to find: Netflix- Una Noche

una noche cover 3


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