Today’s Indie Girl Style

Being an Indie girl means being someone that is unique and different.  You must be artistic and creative in the way that you dress and style yourself.  The look you are trying to achieve takes some research and some time, but you are more than welcome to add bits of your style into these basic tips.

indie girl style

  1. Find an Indie girl hairstyle, which usually involves tons of layers and a crazy style. You don’t want to look too polished, but grunge Indie is also not that great of a look.  Consider a piece of different colored hair in there to throw it off and orange and red are very popular colors for the true Indie girl.
  2. Piercings are not the typical Indie girl style, but one facial piercing can still complete the look. A simple nose stud piercing or a ring can be a great style for today’s Indie chick.  Make sure you go gold for the jewelry, because silver and black studs are more Emo and not part of the Indie style at all. You can see an extensive line at Urban Body Jewelry if you need something new
  3. Fashion is very important in the Indie world, consider a bunch of simple t-shirt tops in various colors that you can pair with vests, sweatshirts, and cardigans. Vintage tees are also very chic for the Indie girl.  The patterns that are great involve ruffles, polka dots, and lace.  Girly dresses are extremely necessary, especially paired with some combat boots or extra high socks.  Light blue denim with rips is a very hot trend.  Use some lace tights with shorts and you will have a great and unique style of your own that fits in great with the Indie world.
  4. Shoes must be old school, so consider some moccasins, old Adidas-style, ballet slippers, and sandals are always in for the Indie world of style.
  5. Jewelry should be in the form of brooches, necklaces, and bracelets. Pearls and wooden beads are great ways to accessorize and fit in with the Indie look.  Crystals, peace signs, and even keys are also great ways to decorate.
  6. Make-up should always accentuate something different than your outfit is suggesting. Matching is not the best way to go. If you are wearing pastel colors, wear a black eyeliner to draw in the difference between the soft colors. If you are wearing something strong and dark, then a subtle eye make-up may be best.
  7. Use details to make it unique and exciting. Roll your jeans up a bit, wear a boho bag, keep your style your own and unique.
  8. Be classy and unique and most of all make sure you are fun. The main Indie girls are envied because they are so drama free and carefree in their lifestyle.

 Indie girl styles are amazing if they are done right.  Don’t try too hard or give too much, If it looks like you are trying then it is not Indie.  Make sure to keep your unique style your own and you will rock this look and live a great social existence.

indie girl style 4


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