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Circlestances |Simple Yet hard Indie Phone Game

Circlestances is a fast-paced one touch arcade game about reactions, strategy and luck. I’ve started playing this game the other day and I have to say that it is quite challenging. Whenever you start out a new game it’s starts out pretty easy but ramps up quickly and before you know it your thumb is all over the screen waiting for that next lapse of circles. The game is pretty simple and easy to play right from the start, kind of like Flappy Bird, so if you haven’t done so already you should definitely try out the game for yourself on your phone. It’s free too!

Game Description:

Challenging, new and fast-paced arcade game with a simple formula:
   1 Touch gameplay
+ 2 circles
+ 3 requirements: reaction, strategy and luck
+ 4 game modes
= 100% fun completely free

Two circles fly across the screen. If they overlap, simply tap. The larger the overlap, the more points you get.
Every time you tap, the circles will gain more speed and move into random directions. But don’t touch the screen without the circles overlapping each other – game over!

To achieve an impressive high score, you need good reactions, the right strategy (use an opportunity to score or wait for a bigger overlap to score even higher) and a little bit of luck since you can’t influence in which direction the circles are moving with each tap…
Circlestances comes with 4 different modes:

– 30 seconds: achieve as many points as possible in 30 seconds
– endless: play until you make a mistake
– time: race the clock, get more seconds for every successful tap
– hardcore: fast, faster, hardcore mode


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