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Getting Out |Award winning indie film

“Two friends desperate for money, a crumbling crime figure, a psychotic hit man and a deceitful vixen. When their worlds collide, they are met with dire consequences. As plans start to unravel and lives become expendable, each person starts to seek their own fortune whether it’s money, love or vengeance. Who can they trust?”

A surprisingly deep film, “Getting Out” takes the audience through a roller-coaster of emotions from desperation, sorrow to revenge and deceit. Right from the start your plunged into the story with a racy joke told from the main antagonist himself. From there the story develops allowing the audience to see glimpses of the protagonists lives and some of their backstories before being slowly led into the central story.

Things ramp up soon enough once you find out the big secret in the story and even more so when certain individuals true colors come to the light. 

The acting in the film is pretty phenominal, especially for an indie film, with each of the actors playing to their characters roles to a tee and making you feel as if you were in their shoes. The cinematography and soundtrack in the film is also very well done, and keeps your ears and eyes glued to the film from start to finish.

Overall, a well made film that definitely feels like something that should be on the big screen instead of just the silver indie one. If you’re a fan of good movies, with a lot of elements tied into it then you should definitely give this one a look. You won’t regret it!

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Universal Film Festival, 2014 – Best Producer, Best Actor Kevin Hartzman

Boston Independent Film Festival, 2015 – Audience Award

Nevada International Film Festival, 2014 – Best Director

Brooklyn Audience Now, 2015 – Audience Award, 2nd Place


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