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Persona (EP) |Reditus

The band ‘Reditus’ new EP “Persona” is a definite must listen too for any music fan. Striking on their own unique sound each song from the EP sounds fresh and new,  which is a good thing considering that a lot of music nowadays sounds like carbon copies of other works. 

After listening to the 6 songs that comprise the EP, I have to say ‘Tiny Relics’ is my fave! I’m a big fan of instrumental music, so just listening something so diverse and fresh to my ears makes me a very happy camper. So if you’re like-minded, then you should definitely think about checking that one out first. 

The lyrics in the 6 singles are solid and the musical instruments even more so, making the EP a small little “experience” instead of just listening to a few songs. If you haven’t done so already, definitely check out this cool invigorating EP (by clicking the album cover or the “socials” below). You can thank me later!

persona reditus album cover

The “Socials”

Website Link: www.ReditusMusic.com



Artist: Reditus
Album: Persona EP
Release Date: 08/10/15
Genre(s): Alternative, Rock, Indie, Experimental,Electronic
Location: Chicago, IL
Members: John Keith, Michael Patterson, Noisy Lingus
Pertinent Album Information: In temporary test release
Label: Screaming Match Productions


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