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Lights In The Trees |The Color Wild

The single “Lights In The Trees” by ‘The Color Wild’ is an upbeat, indie pop song that i’m sure will resonate easily with anyone who’s fan of the genre. ‘The Color Wild’ do a good job in making everything in the song flow well, from the lyrics * and wholesome vocals to the energetic instrumentals.

If you’re looking for your perfect radio song to listen to while driving home from work, you probably won’t find anything better this week in the indie pop genre. So if your looking for something positive to jam too you should definitely get out your aux cord or headphones and try out this single for a listen.

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Born in 2015, The Color Wild is an Indie Pop band formed in Vacaville, CA by brothers Jesse Crosson (Keys, Guitars, Vocals), Kyle Crosson (Vocals), Jaden Crosson (Drums) (formerly from the band Cheating Daylight), Robbie Jimenez (Bass/Vocals), and Josh Hanson (Lead Guitar).

The three brothers toured and performed live together since 2011. They were known for their “in your face” live performances and 90s style teen rock sound, but now the boys are much older and their sound and songwriting has matured along with them. Josh is TCW’s most recent addition to the band. Also from Vacaville, California, Josh’s background is in guitar, piano, and clarinet help him to specialize in creating musical layers that add to the signature Color Wild sound.

Teaming up with Producer and Director, Robin DiMaggio (The Arsenio Hall show), the future for The Color Wild looks to be more vivid and brighter than ever before. While DiMaggio may bring in his own signature style on the production and engineering, the guys of The Color Wild look to capture your ears physically and emotionally.

Three former members of renowned indie-rock band Cheating Daylight have combined with multi-

instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Robbie Jimenez to form “The Color Wild,” an upbeat indie-pop quartet recently produced by world-class producer and drummer Robin DiMaggio.

“The Color Wild is a new taste of what America has been waiting for. Unpredictably energetic and upbeat with deep meaning. Bright future ahead of them,” says DiMaggio.

Featuring a blend of modern pop melodies and synth keyboards combined with a high-energy rhythmic drive, this cutting edge band is ready to transition from their success in Southern California to a takeover all of the West Coast, then eventually the wold. Find their brand new singles, “Lights in the Trees” and “Use Your Words” on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever music is sold!


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