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The Sexy Exorcist |Indie Game Review

Hello gentlemen, and ladies….Today’s game up for review is the sultry Xbox Live Indie game “The Sexy Exorcist”.

Taking a turn from the traditional job professions, you’re tasked as a sexy exorcist whose job is to go out and fight demons in young teens.

Now, even though this may sound fun from the beginning, the actual development of the game falls short, with you pretty much doing the same mechanical point and click actions the majority of the game.

If you’re a fan of “buy/trade for items” type of games or snarky comments, then you may actually enjoy this game, but for other causal indie game players I would definitely advise playing the trial version before spending the dollar.

The entirety of the game has you trying to impress other ladies by buying them gifts and scavenging for money to impress them.

On the positive side, the exorcisms themselves are quite enjoyable and will keep you up on your toes.

However, the dialogue choices get very mudane after a while and lose their charm.

Overall, an “okay” indie game that sadly feels too repetitive. “The Sexy Exorcist” gets a 2 out of 5.


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