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Another Day With A Broken Heart |Sarantos

Cool new concept music video released by Sarantos – “Another Day With A Broken Heart”! Check out the music video below!

Note: The charity for this one is Happy Hippies, started by Miley Cyrus.

Song Bio:

Sarantos Releases An Interesting New You Tube & Yahoo Concept Music Video For The Song “Another Day With a Broken Heart” And Claims He Will Do it Again Next Year!

Fans have come to expect quite a bit from Sarantos and they continue to not be disappointed! Sarantos not only continues to release a new song and music video every month but at the request of fans has also added a monthly lyric video, whiteboard video and even a book chapter from his fiction/fantasy book. There is no other solo music artist that has ever done anything like this before!

Fans have seen a wide variety of You Tube & Yahoo music videos from machinima to clay animation but there is always a consistent pattern. The music videos are never without a story. Sarantos just doesn’t feel that fans should have to sit back and watch a boring music video of an artist being alone. Since the emphasis for Sarantos is always on lyrics, the story continues to be at the forefront. Sarantos just revealed that once a year there will be a new challenge. One music video every year will be a collage and reshaping of all of the previous year’s music videos. This is a fun way to re-tell the entire year’s videos with a new featured song. Of course, it would be far easier to just use footage from one or two videos but where is the fun in that?? (Read More)





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