Greek Gods [Part 1] |Art Theme Of The Week

After watching some “Troy” yesterday I thought it would be fun to have the Art Theme of this week dedicated to the Greek Gods! Check out these awesome deviations from some very cool artists.


hades and persephone 2by sandara

Thanatos and Hypnosby Arbetta

Aeolusby wahay

Apolloby JasonTN

God Apolloby TaekwondoNJ


Aresby aphostol

Aresby ReillyBrown

Aresby Piraatex

Athena x Aresby zeldacw

Aresby TolyanMy

ATLASby juanex

Birth of Attisby rho-cass

Charonby SHadoW-Net

Charonby freakyfir

Charonby daRoz

Charonby walachnia

Charonby JoelAmatGuell

Charonby Balance-Sheet

Cronosby MikeAzevedo

Clockmaker Cronosby Magolobo

Criosby Domax-art

Cronusby el-grimlock



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