Lions! |Art Of The Week

Been enjoying these last 2 weeks with a lot of fun experiences with people old and new. So when looking for a art theme this week I was focused on trying to find something more personal, and one of my personally fave animals ever is the Lion (Elephant and Lion are about tied). So I decided to shed light on some of my fave lion designs/pictures that either highlight the lion/lioness or has elements of one. Hope you guys enjoy!

Lionby sandara

Obama Riding a lionby SharpWriter

Lion Tamer. summer practiceby AndrewRyanArt

Roaring Lionby ART-BY-DOC

Deva Leonby el-grimlock

Solarby hibbary

All the fish are belong to usby randis

The king of Pride Rockby BlackMysticA

Rebirth of the Guardianby hibbary

Leftover Gryphonsby Risachantag

Iceprotector Advanced LDby Okmer

African princessby DarioJart

Lion Cub IIIby jay-peg

The Arcane Scroll Writerby Mick-o-Maikeru

Tam Lin (traditional media)by wylielise

Matsu Kitaby MarioWibisono

Look at the starsby TsaoShin

Gilgameshby artozi

Manticoreby TsaoShin

Tygra Portraitby vshen

Leoby The-SixthLeafClover

Narashimhaby darknatasha

Silent Nightby Whiluna

We Are the Lionsby Qirai

Sabnockby DavidGaillet

Melancholic afternoonby ovopack

African Princessby DolphyDolphiana

In Heatby Damalia

No Kingby Design-By-Humans

Homeless Kittyby yigitkoroglu

Sekhmetby darknatasha

Wrath of the Great Bearby Art-of-Sekhmet

Battlescarsby screwbald

And a little something for you guys who made it this far haha Lambs and Lionsby Ironhorse


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