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Tootoot |My Thoughts

If you saw the post I had posted yesterday about the new app, tootoot, then you must know that it has a lot of new innovations that seem to change the way that we can interact with our favorite musicians, but is it really that simple when trying it out yourself?


As for the app itself,(I downloaded ‘tootoot’ to my Android Phone) it was really easy to join and set everything up, only taking me about a couple minutes. Afterwards, you can start right away with creating your own “tootoot’s” as well as customizing it within the app itself which was quite nice. Once your in from there, you can go through the different menus such as the “Board” where you can see what your friends/fave musicians have been posting, as well as looking at or setting up events on the calendar, chat and there’s also group call/mail/text as well. 


It’s still a new app, and a few things to fix up on it such as some of the words being translated in Korean text whereas my phone is in English (Note: I’m not for sure if this just happens on certain models of Android phones). As for the time I’ve been playing with the app so far it looks promising, and with a large enough community growing behind it, I can definitely see this app as being the next Facebook (or should I say Myspace? Since Myspace is all about music now) for music fans, since it’s all about interacting with one another. 

Overall, a pretty cool app that actually solves a problem in a easy, accessible way. If the community gets behind it, I can definitely see a bright future for the “tootoot” app!

P.S.) If you’re on the app now be on the lookout for a new account i’m going to create under the name “indigoindie”.


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