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Predator: Dark Ages |Fan Film

One of my favorite alien species growing up, Predators always seemed like these bad-ass, futuristic strong warriors with awesome dreads to match. I still remember playing one of the Predator games on my PS2 back in the day, I think it was called “Concrete Jungle” or something like that, putting in over 80 hours easily with all the time in the world. So before watching this trailer I already had high-hopes and luckily those hopes didn’t go away but increased after watching this fan film. This particular film takes a cool new twist on the franchise with the Predators not fighting current or future humans, but fighting sword carrying warriors of our past. If you like Game of Thrones, and or the “Predators”, then this is a must watch! Great cinematography, good special effects and lighting and an all around good plot. “Predator: Dark Ages” is definitely something big Hollywood should look over when creating another sequel in the series.


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