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“Tootoot”| The New Must Have App For Music Fans and Musicians!

Tootoot is a brand new hub for music fan, bands and music professionals all across the world. This promising European startup is creating a global live-music community map as well as an event platform based on real fan votes – “tootoots”. From now on, every musician will know exactly where to gig next!  And the suggestions will come directly from the most important ones – their fans!


*Tootoot for fans*

So how does it work? All you have to do is use the search function of the mobile app to find your favorite band or artist, then tap to add your “tootoot” to send a concert request. By sharing to social media through your connected profile your concert request will become public, allowing more people to join in on the discussion.

*Tootoot for bands, managers, promoters & venues*

Tootoot is creating an innovative live-show crowdsourcing platform, making the core fans feel valued and regular concert-goers more involved.

Tootoot for music professionals is free to join and use – just sign up for your public professional profile within the mobile app.

next gig

#tootootapp is available to download for free on Google Play and on the AppStore, too. For users wishing to check the service without the app, a beta version of Tootoot is available at



Free download Google Play

Free download AppStore


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