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Alejandra’s fresh new EP! |Music Mondays

Independent reggae and pop singer, ‘Alejandra’, is out with a fresh new EP that is sure to set waves in the indie & bilingual sphere. The EP currently has 6 singles varying from English to Spanish singing as well as pop and reggae genres. Alejandra has a very appealing and sensual voice that sounds quite pleasant to listen too at anytime throughout the day. My faves so far from the EP are “Urban Mayan Life” and “Policia”(Spanish), even though I don’t speak Spanish haha, still a very expressive nonetheless. If you haven’t already check out Alejandra’s Soundcloud as well as her music vid for on e of my fave songs on her EP “Urban Mayan Life” below. If you’re a indie reggae/pop fan you won’t be disappointed!

Artist Bio:

Kelly Alejandra is a multi-talented singer, dancer, actress and Song writer. After having a latin song become a finalist for the John Lennon Competition and a song placed for MTV tres, Songwriter Kelly Alejandra felt it was time to come into the spotlight as a recording artist. She went into the studio to record her debut song Urban Mayan Life. ” I have always been a creative person and was tired of being behind the scenes so I started recording and also filmed a webseries to help promote my music”.
During her College years she felt frustrated with the College Curriculum. “I like to do things my way so I created my own major called the Combined Performing Arts degree where I got to studied a mixture of Music, Dance and Acting”. 

Alejandra first turned to music at the age of thirteen when she saw her friends play bass. She taught herself how to play and soon auditioned and got accepted into LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, A School known for famous Alumni such as Jennifer Aniston, Al Pacino, and Nicki Minaj.”At LaGuardia I was surrounded by so many different artists, It helped bring out my creativity”. (Read More)


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