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Wajma (An Afghan Love Story) |Netflix Saturdays

The Netflix pick for this Saturday is the indie film “Wajma” (An Afghan Love Story)’. I was attracted first to the this particular film because the cover looked good and it felt like it would be a different take on the love story tale than the traditional westernized version of it that a lot of us are used to. However, after watching the trailer I was very surprised, because it really was different, and more of a sarcastic take on maybe would be Afghan relationships or lack of prior to marriage. The film seems to take on many issues that these women face and hope to shed light on these tragedies to hopefully bring about change.

Synopsis: It’s snowing in Kabul, and gregarious waiter Mustafa charms a pretty student named Wajma. The pair begins a clandestine relationship – they’re playful and passionate but ever mindful of the societal rules they are breaking. After Wajma discovers she is pregnant, her certainty that Mustafa will marry her falters, and word of their dalliance gets out. Her father must decide between his culturally held right to uphold family honor and his devotion to his daughter.”


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