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Ping Pong Playa |NetFlix Saturday

This weeks Netflix movie is the independent film “Ping Pong Playa”. After watching the trailer and then watching the full film, I have to say this was movie was pretty hilarious. It’s about a young guy named “C-Dub” (legal name: Christopher Wang), a wannabe rapper who finds himself forced to play in a ping pong tournament once his brother gets hurt, to save the family. With help from a funny bunch of younger friends he sets out to win the tourney. 

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If my synopsis above sounds good, believe me the movie is 10x better. So grab a beer, get a couple of friends together and watch this funny indie comedy. You won’t be disappointed!

Full Synopsis:

Christopher Wang is a young man (25 years old) who lives under his Asian American parents in a suburb in Cali. His father, who was a prominent ping pong player in his youth, owns a sports goods shop, and his mother teaches young children at the sport at the local community center. Outperformed by his older brother, Michael, who is considered by their parents as more mature and responsible and have brought pride to the family by winning regional ping pong tournaments, Chris seems to lack motivation and a realistic vision for his career, indulging in defeating young kids in sports and playing video games.

After his mother and Michael are injured in a minor car accident, Chris comes to learn about taking responsibility by taking over his mother’s ping pong class and representing his family in the forthcoming ping pong tournament. With the training by his father and the support of his friends including a posse of young pupils, Chris strives to prove to those who put trust in him that he is capable of making serious effort while following through a commitment.


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