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Back in Red & Black |Superhero Fan Film (Black Panther & Deadpool)

I thought i’d never see the day that Deadpool and Black Panther team-up but surprisingly they’re a pretty good team. In this fan film, “Back in Red & Black”, the two heroes work together to save a group of people who got kidnapped by a band of mercenaries. The plot and Deadpools lines are pretty good, (oh god, i’m still laughing on some of his quotes), as well as the locations. However, the audio is so-so and some of the writing for the other characters could have been better. Still, a pretty cool indie film to watch, especially if you can’t for Black Panther and Deadpool to make their silver screen appearance. Check it out below!

“Deadpool & Black Panther must save a group of ransomed missionaries from M’Baku and his band of mercenaries in this Marvel fan film.”


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