Old School |Art Theme Of The Week

So for this weeks ‘Art Theme Of The Week’ I decided to take it back to the old days of artwork, before we had all of the digital tools, to paintings. There were many, many quality pieces on deviantart to look through and here are some of my faves. I’ll definitely have more “Paintings/Old school” art themes of the week highlighting pieces that couldn’t fit on this post!


Paris Watercolor by nicolasjolly

Paris Watercolorby nicolasjolly

NAUTILUSby WaldekBorowski

Extra Pulpby VampireHungerStrike

RED UMBRELLA by Leonid Afremovby Leonidafremov

Rainbow Lionby Dae-Thalin

Wolverine oilsby ChristopherStevens

Our Homeby PixieCold

Graveyard Skyby NanoMortis

Throne of Gamesby jasinski

promisesby agnes-cecile

Parisian Nightby sagittariusgallery

bicyclesby takmaj

Super Marioby ChristopherStevens

Ciechanowiec by Mast1

Ciechanowiecby Mast1

Catwomanby Tomasz-Mro

My bleeding heartby eliantART

Rose Redby DSillustration

Emerald Bugby koyamori

Grande Varsoviaby micorl

DOG ‘s Valleyby NanoMortis

Carnival of colorsby AnnaArmona

Jazal Goldmaneby AaronMiller

Eye of the dragonby ryky

Summer dayby takmaj

Goddess of imagination -on sale-by PixieCold

intimacy on displayby agnes-cecile

Jon Snowby Michael-C-Hayes

Nereidaby rpintor

oil painting on canvas by fabiano millaniby fabianoMillani

Pestilenceby Dan-Harding

Mars Attacksby jasonedmiston

Opalby MichaelShapcott

I’ll Never Lose My Loveby borda

Gerberas and lightby nibybiel

I-am-1-1by mekhz

Eye paintingby gimgams

Hot and Coldby VampireHungerStrike

Cathedral Sanctifierby Michael-C-Hayes

Love Slowly Kills II – oil paintingby borda


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