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Really Scary 2 (Indie Game Reviews) |Indie Game Friday

Same as the previous game in the series, you take control of the ‘unknown male’ in a live action type of game, trying to survive. However, in this one there’s actual story elements and explanation on all of the creepiness & loops, which gives the game a sense of purpose, compared to the first game.

[Gameplay] The gameplay itself is linear & choppy, with a lot of repetition that may bore some. However, there are a few points where you can choose your actions. There’s also more jump scares to add in the mix that’ll keep you on your toes as you navigate in the upstairs room.

[Sound] Unlike the previous game, this game has quite a lot more sound for some of the parts which is refreshing. However, I wish there was some type of eerie piano sound or something in the game fro all parts, while you navigate in silence. 

[Replay Value] There’s not a lot in the game to keep you coming back, however if your’e a fan of trying to beat your record in beating the game, then that’s always there. And the game is also kind enough to record the exact minutes & seconds after completion.

Overall, “Really Scary 2” is a step above its predecessor, but loses some of its freshness. 2/5 in gameplay, 1/5 in sound, 5/5 in creativity, 2/5 in replay value and 3/5 in fun. 

Really Scary 2 gets a 2.2 out of 5!



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