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Princesas |Netflix Saturday [Classic]

A very compelling film, ‘Princesas’ shows the hardships of two women in the sex trade, and the dangers and despair that they both face on a daily basis.

The film focuses in on Caye, a Spanish native and Zulema, an illegal immigrant who is trying to save money for her family back home. Caye, and a majority of her friends (‘co-workers’) have a prejudice against the immigrants because they feel that they are taking business away from them. But things change when Caye meets Zulema and she learns of the hardships that she is going through, which changes her perspective a bit and allows the two to grow a bond with each other.

                From there, love and even more hardships come to them, with Zulema getting into trouble with a seedy character who promises her citizenship and Caye being thrown the “perfect guy”, yet her own profession is in the way. Overall, ‘Princesas’ is definitely a go to foreign film, which is pretty engaging story from start to finish. Compelling characters, great cinematography, and a pretty good story, if you’re up for watching a Spanish film then you should definitely check this one out.

4 out 5, Great!

princesas review

Movie: Princesas

Length: 109 min

Genre: foreign/drama


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