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Undiscovered (Art Of The Week) |Sunday Art

So I decided to try something even more different this week after finding out about the ‘undiscovered’ section of Deviantart. So I went through and picked out the pieces that came out to me either from creativity, color, or beauty. Hope you guys like!

Untitledby yup12

breakdownby cyberkolbasa

Batman SGMby SpicerColor

Jane Eyreby bloodyman88

John Shaftby lightdrafter

Female warriorby duongquocdinh

Racket-tailed rollerby odontocete

Toweringby Sabine62

Goku Dragon Ballby MaxGrecke


eduardovieira :iconeduardovieira:

Bye Byeby amwshi

Whispers of the Twilightby caiusaugustus

Midnightby Aurelien-Minozzi

Mabel Pinesby Mrakobulka

Spider Gwenby littlepaperforest

Venomby Douglasbot

Cerberusby Atza-n-Jeeray

Carousel Circuitby herringbonnes

Bartkiraby SebastianvonBuchwald

Altisby Aenkill

C - TissanaXFyris by Shadow-of-Destiny

C – TissanaXFyrisby Shadow-of-Destiny

Chain II Round 13 Pong 100 – Installationsby Sabine62

FALLOUT: Flag of the Great Midwest Commonwealthby okiir

Fire and skyby NibiNoylin

With All My Heartby Queen-Kitty

FAITH – Race roster updateby Fuelreaver

When birds refuse to flyby Iskander1989

The Man of Steelby DanielMurrayART

Kein Entrinnen COby feigenfrucht

Geomancyby Klaufir

The Fuzzy T rexby Ghostwalker2061

Katara Waterbendingby Lizzardon123

Cosplayer: :iconlizzardon123:
Photographer: :iconmelenea:
Costume made by :iconxx-ladylink-xx:

[ K ] gang memeby flytedify

V HAS COME TOby Saladin-777

Untitledby Placi1

Dreamingby Razvan115

Painby mislyd

DSCF9272 wmby Gelu59

Twitter Followersby Cookie-fish

Colors of Ramadan – 2by hotamr

friendsby catshops

Geminisby jesusromero

last one for today by Pachiiri

Space Headby MindMeats

Rise and Shineby Rhunyc

Killing the Blueby eReSaW

Kidby ErsbethShadowsong

Shego Paintedby Squamate

Mountain Lionessby FreckledBastard

Curiousity killed the catby elked

Jurassic World of Feelsby moremagic


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