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Nightcrawler +Film Analysis |Netflix Saturday

NightCrawler, I have to say is probably the top movie on my list this year. Riveting from start to finish to say the least, with an eeriness that I’m sure will get anyone a little weirded out. I previously watched ‘Gone Girl’ about two weeks back and I thought that would be the best film out so far this year, but after seeing this I’m staying content with ‘NightCrawler’ being the top tier movie of 2014.

nightcrawler cover 2

For one, ‘NightCrawler’ is well written. That’s my biggest draw to this movie and the reason I wouldn’t mind seeing it multiple times in theaters. From start to finish everything makes since, and leads up to things that become more prominent later on in the story. In a lot of films, scenes and plots are written in such a way that become inconsistent as the film progresses, but not this one.

nightcrawler cover 3

A great example of this is when Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), is looking for hiring his new “intern” and starts to interview Rick (Riz Ahmed). Lou asks him a series of questions that are more about Rick’s personal life, like does he have a family, his last jobs, his housing, and then he asks if his phone has GPS after then taking him on as part of his team. Initially, at least for me, I believed that Lou was going to kill him that night and stage a crime scene for him to record, but this later just translated to Lou wanting control over a weaker person who has no home and who’s desperate so that Lou didn’t have to pay him that much and have someone dedicated. This gets even juicier at the end between the two, with all of the questions from the beginning making even more sense. However, to avoid spoilers I won’t say what happens, but believe me it will catch you off guard.

nightcrawler cover 4

Now on to the characters themselves, each main and secondary character felt realistic and identifiable, at least to some regards. The stand out performance in this film is Jake Gyllenhaals’ portrayal of Lou Bloom. From the very start, something feels rather odd about the character and as the story progresses, things become creepier and creepier. I don’t know how Gyllenhaal did it, but he really transformed himself to make a character that’s a believable psycho. Rick, Lou’s intern, also is cool sidekick in his own right. From the beginning, you can see that Rick is on some form of drugs, needing quick cash for his next hits.

nightcrawler cover 5

However, he slowly progresses and starts to feel more entitled  and “human” which calls for some peculiar moments between the duo as the movie goes forward. The head woman at the News department is also great in her growth throughout the film. First seeming very strong and in control, until Lou slowly chips away at her, making her very submissive as the film progresses, but in a very realistic way.

If you have to watch two films this year, then definitely check out ‘NightCrawler’ and ‘Gone Girl’, but if you can only see one then ‘NightCrawler’ would be my pick!


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