Comedy / Drama / Short film

The Anti-Social Network | Short film

Addiction: “The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice. The compulsive psychological need for something, creating an abnormal dependency.”

 anti social network cover 4

A rather hilarious comedic short that touches on a subject all too common for our new “social” society, Anti-Social Network is superb from start to finish.

This Short, as you may get from the title, is the opposite of the Social Network movie where everyone is on some form of Network and it’s weird if you aren’t. The film follows the life of a social media addict named Lucas, who lives/breathes/dreams in the virtual world until being shaken up by a girl named Leila who isn’t part of this digital world.

anti social network cover 2

                Here’s a quick snippet on what to expect from the short films info:

“The Anti-Social Network was written, directed and produced by Shae-Lee Shackleford. She created the film to be a humorous observation of the social media driven world we live in. The film is aimed to ‘poke’ fun at is the obsession we have with online interaction, sometimes to the detriment of our real everyday lives and relationships”

anti social network cover 3

            The film gets a lot of things right, with perfect cinematography, narrative that actually sounds like how a conversation would sound like in real-life, and great “social” effects and soundtrack. By social effects, I mean the little Facebook like symbols and sound effects that are integrated throughout the world, totally enveloping you into how Lucas sees the world.

If you have an extra 15 minutes to spare, then this is definitely you should check out!

5 out of 5, Anti-Social!

anti social network review

Movie: The Anti-Social Network

Length: 15 min

Genre: comedy/short

Where to find:  YouTube:


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