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Let’s Get Fiscal (Mike Tyson Punch out sequel?) |Indie Game Reviews

Let’s Get Fiscal is a 2-d side-scroller braler that wants to be your favorite arcade beat-em up, but doesn’t quite make it. There’s only 3 controls, the analog or buttons for movement, and the “A” and “B” button for jump and attack. Suprisingly, even with the lack of attack buttons, there’s still quite a few combos you can pull of in game. However, you’ll quickly run through the few combos and feel wanting more.

lets get fiscal 1

The enemies and stages are “okay”, nothing really new with your standard cast of different enemy types each having their own set of moves and health. But the “boss” battles feel very broken, with some being easy while others downright impossible to maneuver through with the lack of buttons.

lets get fiscal 2

On the positive side the music is pretty good to listen to and fits in with teh action style the game was going for. Also, the game comes with gorgeous old-school style cut-scenes that were quite enjoyable to watch, moreso than actually playing the game at times.

lets get fiscal 3

Overall, a lackluster side-scroller with good intentions but sadly falling short int he actual gameplay itself. 2/5 in Gameplay, 3/5 in Music, 3/5 in Creativity and a 3/5 in the fun factor.

“Let’s Get Fiscal gets a 2.2 stars out of 5.”


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