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3 Days Of Nurse Fanny |Indie Game Review

If you’re an indie gamer, heck if your a gamer in general  then you’ve already heard about Five Nights at Freddys, a game that became quickly viral online and spawned many recreations, such as this game.

3 days of nurse fanny 1

In lieu with five nights at Freddy’s, you try to survive only having access to the cameras however, 3 days with Nurse Fanny differs in that instead of surviving psychotic animatronics, your trying to survive a sexy nurse whose “certain assets” causes your heart to fail if you see her in person. 

3 days of nurse fanny 2

The really funny thing is that you can’t just close your eyes and go to sleep like any other human being would to avoid the nurse, because you become insane while doing so.The controls are basic & easy to master in minutes. The nurs isn’t so bad to peep on while looking through the awkardly placed cameras scattered around the hospital. 

4/5 in Gameplay, 3/5 in Music, 3/5 in creativity and a 5/5 fun. 

3 Days Of Nurse Fanny gets a 3 out of 5. 


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