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Mara Jade [Star Wars Eu] |Art Theme Of The Week

I was on instagram and came across some awesome cosplays of Mara Jade from the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) and thought this weeks art should be focused on this bad-ass warrior. Hope you guys enjoy!

Mara Jade Detailby AdamHughes

Star Wars: TCG – Mara Jade, The Emperor’s Handby AnthonyFoti

Mara Jade Star Warsby Graysun-D

The First Encounterby wraithdt

Mara Jade Skywalkerby wraithdt

Mara Jadeby Laubi

nes by: :icondeanzachary:[link]   colors by: :iconlaubi:

Mara Jadeby SketchyMcDrawpants

Mara Jade Skywalkerby PatrickFinch

Mara Jadeby RDOWN

SWG6 – Mara Jadeby aimo

Mara Jade CLRSby StephaneRoux

Commission- Leia vs Mara Jadeby ChaosKomori

Mara Jadeby Hodges-Art

Mara Jade 1by CrimsonArtz

Mara Jade – ‘Redemption’by HuntingHawk

Jedi Knight, Emperor’s Handby Kristele

Star Wars – Female Force Fiveby Robert-Shane

Jedi knightby Bakirasan

Mara Jadeby Arqueart

Luke and Maraby ladyh

Oct 7 Art Cast Mara Jadeby Hodges-Art

Sweet Romanceby call-me-lydia


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