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“OG Goat”-Goat Simulator |Indie Game Reviews

If you’re a fan of Saints Row, and animals, then you’ll feel well at home with this one. As the title suggests, you play as a Goat, doing typical goatly things like beating up pedestrians and blowing up cars, in a open world environment.

[Gameplay] The gameplay is solid, with easy to us controls that anyone can pick up and play. There’s also loads of things to do around the city each of which gives you points and multipliers to rack up.¬†

[Sound] The soundtrack in the game is great to listen to and even the little sound effects throughout the game sound pretty epic, especially the Goats “Baaaaa”.

[Graphics] On the graphics side they aren’t too shabby in the game, being remiescent of games like Katamari Damacy.

[Replayabaility] The replayability of the game is also high, with a lot of different activities to wreck havoc upon, oh and did I mention that they also have Goat Survival Battles?

[Overall] Overall, the “Goat Simulator” has many pros and probably the best animal sim to date. 5/5 in Gameplay, 5/5 in soundtrack, 5/5 in creativity, 5/5 fun and 5/5 in replayability.

The “Goat Simulator” is the first game to get a solid, 5 out of 5!


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