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Anna Pena| The Triple Threat!

Anna Pena is a rising star in the YouTube sphere with an angelic voice that i’m sure will captivate you, as it did myself. If you’re a fan of music you should definitely check her out, you won’t be disappointed. Check below if you want to read a little backstory on Anna. 

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Emerging singer/songwriter Anna Pena is more than a red-haired, blue-eyed model with a beautiful smile. Her voice has captivated thousands of fans and viewers on YouTube and has paved the way for her forthcoming EP; The title is still in the works. Slated for release this summer, the EP is Anna’s first musical recording. An avid YouTuber, she has created a dedicated fan base of over eight thousand subscribers who enjoy her weekly renditions of the industry’s most popular songs.

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Anna Pena has it all &mdash training and experience in singing, songwriting, film, TV, theater, stage performance, instruments, and dance. Attending professional lessons for all of her talents and a fine arts performing school have assisted Anna on her journey to singing stardom. Recruited to sing onstage with child star, Gregg Russell was one of the many moments that made the young talent realize, the stage was her true home. Making it past the live celebrity audition on America’s Got Talent boosted Anna to run full force at her dreams.



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